Ng Bee

Ng BeeNg Bee was born in Kuala Selangor in 1952. He graduated from the prestige’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, hospital Singapore 1976 and Ecolle National Superieure des Beaux-Art, Paris in 1979 with a Degree in Fine Art. It was his first step toward bringing forth his inner creative forces. To him a wholesome living must incorporated into an artist life, balancing creative energy with a realistic day to day life.

For the past 30 years, he has been actively involved in art and culture development in Malaysia by conducting workshops, art exhibitions and seminars. His passion in art did not stop him just to be an artist but creating and implementing creativity into his daily life. He sees art in all expect of existence; surrounding as well as from the inner self. Ng Bee is the one who initiated the formation of Sasaran Art Association in his online casino usacasino online movie ticket booking chennai?????? ?? ???????????? ?? ???????????? ????? ????? ???? ????????????????¤ ???????? ????? ??¤ ??????? ? ????????????? ???????¤suburbs of new york city???? ? ?????? ???????